A number of conferences and workshops had been organised which bring together academics, professionals, and industry experts to share their insights over different topics.


The 6th INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Society Workshop (7 – 10 January 2018)

With the advent of internet, social media and mobile phones, e-Commerce has been transformed, especially in China. China has the most internet shoppers in the world, leading the distant second (USA) by a wide margin. It has been identified that online e-Commerce for individual shoppers must be accompanied by efficient logistics. Reportedly, in 2015, the Alibaba Group’s websites accounted for over 60% of the parcels delivered in China. Every day, more than 30 million parcels are delivered through the Alibaba Group’s websites. At the same time, the transportation operations have a significant impact on the environment, due to the negative externalities generated, such as the increase of traffic and congestion, the energy consumption, visual, noise and air pollution. These problems tend to make urban logistics very expensive, inefficient and polluting. In this scenario, several stakeholders, such as companies operating in the Courier, Express and Parcel markets, as well as local administrations, ready to consider City Logistics projects and to implement new business models based on vehicles with low and very low environmental impact.


The Greater Bay Area Symposium (7 December 2017)

The formation of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, has recently been considered as a national level strategy and become an essential part of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) that supports the One Belt One Road Initiative.  Since June 2017, we have interviewed a number of industry stakeholders and leaders from various trade facilitation and logistics sectors, to collect their views on this matter.  This symposium will bring together business leaders, industry experts, professionals and academics to share insights and address concerns of integration and development prospects related to logistics and trading in the Greater Bay Area.  A policy paper will also be published after the symposium.


The 20th Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute Conference in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Supply Chain for Sustainability (19 – 24 July 2015)

Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute (APDSI) holds an annual meeting each summer that features presentations of original research papers in different areas of business, such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, and Supply Chain among others.

The 1st International Conference on Supply Chain Sustainability (11 – 12 January 2014)

The main theme of this Conference was on “Supply Chain for Sustainability” and the aim was to highlight the need of value creation and sustainability in supply chain management in relation to multi-disciplines and cross-disciplines in the 21st century.